Mushrooms, often hailed as nature’s hidden gems, have been gaining traction in the health and wellness community. Why? Not just because of their earthy flavor, but due to the myriad of health benefits they offer. From the immune-boosting properties of chaga to the cognitive enhancements linked to lion’s mane, these fungi are more than just a kitchen staple.

Now, imagine blending these power-packed mushrooms into a delicious smoothie. Yes, a mushroom smoothie! It’s not just about the taste; it’s about harnessing the potential of these fungi in a refreshing, easy-to-consume manner. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for a post-workout drink or someone aiming to boost your cognitive functions, a mushroom smoothie might just be your answer.

But here’s the catch: not all mushroom smoothies are created equal. The key lies in choosing the right ingredients and understanding their context. For instance, while reishi can calm your nerves, cordyceps might give you that much-needed energy boost. And if you’re wary of the earthy taste, there are countless ways to mask it, ensuring your smoothie is as delicious as it is nutritious.

Recipe to Make Mushroom Smoothie:


These are the ingredients for preparing mushroom smoothie:

  • Mushroom Powder or Extract: Start with a teaspoon. Depending on the type, like reishi or cordyceps, adjust to your taste and desired effects. Ensure it’s organic and tested for purity.
mushroom powder in glass
  • Fruits: A banana or a cup of mixed berries. These not only add natural sweetness but also pack a punch of essential vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Plant-Based Milk: About 1/2 cup. Almond or oat milk works best, offering a creamy texture without overshadowing the mushroom flavor.
  • Natural Sweeteners: If you find the mushroom taste a tad earthy, add a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup. These natural sweeteners enhance the flavor profile without adding refined sugars.
  • Spices: A pinch each of ground cinnamon, turmeric, and ginger. These spices not only elevate the taste but also amplify the health benefits.
  • Protein: Consider adding a tablespoon of whole food protein powder. It’s not just about muscles; protein aids in repairing and building tissues.
  • Healthy Fats: A tablespoon of almond or peanut butter. These not only make your smoothie richer but also provide essential fatty acids.
  • Extras: Feel free to toss in a teaspoon of cacao nibs or a sprinkle of chia seeds for added texture and nutrition.


 While having the right equipment can elevate your smoothie-making experience

  • High-Speed Blender: This is the heart of your smoothie-making process. A good blender ensures that all ingredients, especially the mushroom powder, blend seamlessly, offering a smooth texture.
Blender for making mushroom smoothie
  • Measuring Spoons: To ensure you’re adding the right amount of each ingredient. Precision is key, especially when dealing with potent ingredients like mushroom extracts.
  • Measuring Cups: For liquids like plant-based milk or for measuring out fruits and berries. It’s essential to get the proportions right for the perfect consistency.
  • Silicone Spatula: Useful for scraping down the sides of the blender to ensure every bit of your ingredients gets blended.
  • Glass or Stainless Steel Straw: If you’re environmentally conscious and want to sip your smoothie in style, these reusable straws are perfect.
  • Tumbler or Glass: To pour and enjoy your freshly made mushroom smoothie. Opt for a larger size if you like your smoothies big!
  • Lid or Cover: If you’re on the go or wish to store some for later, a tight-fitting lid ensures your smoothie stays fresh.
  • Cleaning Brush: Especially if you’re using a straw. Keeping your equipment clean ensures every smoothie tastes as fresh as the first.


Follow these instructions to create healthy mushroom smoothie:

  1. Preparation: Start by gathering all your ingredients and equipment. Lay them out on your countertop for easy access.
  2. Blender Ready: Plug in your high-speed blender and ensure it’s clean and dry.
  3. Ingredients First: Begin by adding the liquid base, typically your choice of plant-based milk. This ensures smoother blending.
  4. Mushroom Magic:Add the mushroom powder or extract. Remember, start with a small amount. You can always adjust according to taste and preference.
  5. Fruits and Flavors: Toss in your frozen berries, bananas, and any other fruits you’ve chosen. These not only add flavor but also give your smoothie a creamy texture.
  6. Sweeten and Spice:If you’re using honey, maple syrup, or any other sweeteners, add them now. Don’t forget the spices like cinnamon or nutmeg if you’re using them. They can mask the earthy taste of mushrooms and add a delightful aroma.
  7. Blend Away: Turn on your blender. Start at a low speed and gradually increase to high. This ensures all ingredients blend smoothly without any lumps.
  8. Taste and Adjust: Once blended, give your smoothie a quick taste. Adjust the sweetness or thickness if needed. If it’s too thick, add a splash more of your liquid base. If it’s too thin, toss in some more frozen fruit.
  9. Pour and Enjoy: Once you’re satisfied with the taste and consistency, pour your smoothie into a glass or tumbler.
Pouring mushroom smoothie

10. Clean Up:Always rinse your blender immediately after use. It makes cleaning easier and ensures your equipment is ready for the next use.

Nutritional Profile of Mushroom Smoothie:

 The exact nutritional values can vary based on the specific ingredients and quantities you use

  • Calories: A typical serving contains about 200-250 calories, depending on the ingredients you choose.
  • Protein: Thanks to ingredients like Greek yogurt and almond milk, you’re looking at around 8-10 grams of protein per serving.
  • Fiber: With the inclusion of fruits like bananas and berries, expect about 4-6 grams of fiber. This aids in digestion and keeps you full.
  • Potassium: Bananas are a powerhouse for potassium. This essential mineral helps regulate fluid balance and muscle contractions.
  • Calcium: Almond milk and Greek yogurt contribute to the calcium content, vital for bone health. You’ll get roughly 15% of your daily recommended intake.
  • Vitamin D: Mushrooms are one of the few natural sources of Vitamin D, essential for bone health and immune function.
  • Psilocybin: Magic mushrooms contain this compound. While it has potential health benefits, it’s crucial to consume in moderation and under guidance.
  • Antioxidants: Berries bring a burst of antioxidants, which combat free radicals and support overall health.
  • Natural Sugars: The honey and fruits add a touch of natural sweetness, providing energy without the crash of refined sugars.
  • Healthy Fats: If you opt for ingredients like chia seeds or flaxseeds, you’ll also get a dose of Omega-3 fatty acids, great for brain health.


Mushroom smoothies, with their rich blend of nutrients, offer a unique and healthful twist to your regular drink lineup. From the carefully chosen ingredients to the essential equipment, every step ensures a delicious and nutritious outcome. The magic mushroom, in particular, stands out not just for its taste but also its potential health benefits, backed by centuries of use and modern research. 

While the nutritional profile showcases a balanced mix of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals, it’s essential to consume responsibly and be aware of individual ingredient properties. As with any health endeavor, it’s always best to consult with professionals, ensuring you reap the maximum benefits. Dive into this journey with knowledge, and enjoy a drink that’s as good for your taste buds as it is for your health. Cheers to a wholesome lifestyle!


Can I put mushroom powder in my protein shake?

Absolutely! Adding mushroom powder to your protein shake can enhance its nutritional value. Mushroom powder not only offers potential health benefits but also complements the protein’s effects. However, always ensure the mushroom powder is of high quality and sourced responsibly. It’s a simple way to boost your shake’s health quotient while enjoying a unique flavor twist.

What are magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms, scientifically known as “Psilocybe,” are a type of fungi containing the psychoactive compound psilocybin. For centuries, various cultures have utilized them for their potential medicinal properties. Recent studies suggest they might offer benefits like reducing anxiety and enhancing cognitive function. However, it’s essential to approach them with caution and knowledge, as they can have potent effects on the mind and body. 

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