Recipes to make cold pressed cocktails!

Cold-pressed juice cocktails have emerged as a refreshing and nutrient-rich alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages. The unique extraction process of cold-pressed juice retains essential nutrients, making it a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This content draws from a wealth of knowledge to provide you with insights into crafting tantalizing concoctions that not only please the palate but also provide a nourishing boost to your well-being.

Throughout this article, we’ll delve into the advantages of cold-pressed juice cocktails, covering topics such as nutritional prowess, refreshing hydration, versatility, and detoxifying properties. I’ll also guide you through five irresistible recipes that span from zesty citrus bliss to invigorating green goodness. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking to try new recipes or a health-conscious individual seeking delightful alternatives, these recipes are designed to cater to your preferences.

Equipment for Making Cold Pressed Cocktails

Here’s the rundown on the equipment you’ll need:

  • Cold Press Juicer: This is the heart of the operation. Invest in a quality cold press juicer that gently extracts juices without generating excessive heat or oxidation. It ensures that the vital nutrients and flavors of the ingredients are preserved.
  • Cocktail Shaker: An indispensable tool for mixing and chilling your cold-pressed concoctions. Opt for a reliable cocktail shaker that allows you to blend ingredients seamlessly.
cocktail shaker set
  • Strainer: A fine mesh strainer helps separate the juice from any pulp or remnants, ensuring a smooth and refined texture in your cocktails.
  • Glassware: Curate an assortment of glassware, including cocktail glasses, champagne flutes, and tall wine glasses. The right glass enhances the presentation and enjoyment of your cold-pressed creations.
  • Stirring Rod or Spoon: For cocktails that require gentle mixing rather than shaking, a stirring rod or spoon is essential to blend ingredients without disrupting their delicate balance.
  • Ice Cube Trays: Transform your cold-pressed juices into refreshing ice cubes. These cubes can be added to cocktails or blended to create crushed ice drinks for hot summer days.
  • Garnish Tools: Elevate the visual appeal of your cocktails with garnishes like citrus slices, fresh herbs, and twists of peel. Invest in tools like a citrus zester or peeler for precision.

Five Cold Pressed Juice Cocktail Recipes

1.Citrus Bliss


By following this straightforward ingredient list, you’re well on your way to creating a Citrus Bliss cocktail:

  • 2 oz cold-pressed orange juice: The base of this cocktail, orange juice adds a burst of citrusy flavor and vitamin C.
  • 1 oz cold-pressed grapefruit juice: Elevate the tanginess with a hint of grapefruit, enhancing the overall zestiness.
  • 1 oz cold-pressed lemon juice: The lemon juice adds a zing that complements the other citrus flavors perfectly.
  • 1 tsp honey: For a touch of natural sweetness that balances the acidity and adds depth to the cocktail.
  • Ice cubes: The finishing touch that keeps your Citrus Bliss cool and invigorating.
Citrus bliss juice cocktail in glass


Follow these simple instructions:

Step 1: In a cocktail shaker, combine 2 oz of cold-pressed orange juice. This forms the base of the Citrus Bliss, infusing it with a burst of citrusy goodness.

Step 2: Add 1 oz of cold-pressed grapefruit juice to the shaker. This tangy addition enhances the overall flavor profile, adding a hint of zestiness.

Step 3: Incorporate 1 oz of cold-pressed lemon juice for that extra zing that awakens your taste buds and brings the flavors together.

Step 4: Gently introduce 1 tsp of honey to the mix. This natural sweetener balances the acidity and lends a touch of depth to the cocktail.

Step 5: Secure the cocktail shaker with its lid and shake vigorously. This action ensures that all the ingredients are thoroughly blended and their flavors harmonize.

Step 6: Prepare a glass with ice cubes. This will keep your Citrus Bliss cocktail cool and refreshing.

Step 7: Strain the shaken mixture into the glass, allowing the vibrant liquid to cascade over the ice cubes.

Step 8: Garnish your Citrus Bliss cocktail with a slice of citrus fruit. This adds an extra visual appeal and a burst of aroma to the experience.

Step 9: Your Citrus Bliss cold-pressed juice cocktail is now ready to enjoy. Take a sip, savor the balanced flavors, and feel the revitalizing power of this zesty creation.

2.Green Goddess:


These carefully selected ingredients form the essence of the Green Goddess cold-pressed juice cocktail:

  • Cold-Pressed Kale Juice: Obtain 2 oz of cold-pressed kale juice. This nutrient-rich ingredient brings a robust earthiness to the cocktail, setting the foundation for its distinct profile.
  • Cold-Pressed Cucumber Juice: Include 1 oz of cold-pressed cucumber juice. This addition imparts a refreshing and cooling element, enhancing the overall crispness.
  • Cold-Pressed Apple Juice: Add 1 oz of cold-pressed apple juice. The natural sweetness of the apple balances the other flavors, creating a harmonious blend.
  • Fresh Mint: Introduce a sprig of fresh mint. This aromatic herb elevates the cocktail, infusing it with a delightful hint of herbal freshness.
  • Ice Cubes: Prepare ice cubes to chill the cocktail and maintain its refreshing quality.
Green goddess juice cocktail in glass


Follow these straightforward instructions:

1. Prepare Your Ingredients: Gather your 2 oz of cold-pressed kale juice, 1 oz of cold-pressed cucumber juice, 1 oz of cold-pressed apple juice, a sprig of fresh mint, and ice cubes.

2. Blend the Flavors: In a blender, combine the kale juice, cucumber juice, and apple juice. Add the sprig of fresh mint for an aromatic twist.

3. Blend Until Smooth: Blend the mixture until the ingredients are seamlessly combined, resulting in a vibrant and flavorful base.

4. Chill and Serve: Fill a glass with ice cubes and pour the blended mixture over them. The ice cubes will maintain the cocktail’s refreshing quality.

5. Garnish: For an extra touch, consider garnishing your Green Goddess cocktail with an additional sprig of fresh mint. This adds visual appeal and an enticing aroma.

3.Berry Burst


Here’s what you’ll need to create  Berry burst cold pressed cocktail:

  • Fresh Berries: Collect a medley of your favorite berries, such as strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. These gems will form the heart of your Berry Burst cocktail.
  • Cold-Pressed Apple Juice: You’ll require 2 oz of cold-pressed apple juice to provide a crisp and mildly sweet base for your cocktail.
  • Lemon Juice: A splash of freshly squeezed lemon juice adds a zesty kick that complements the sweetness of the berries.
  • Ice Cubes: Keep your cocktail cool and refreshing with a handful of ice cubes.
berry brust juice cocktail in glass


Follow these straightforward steps to create a refreshing masterpiece:

  1. Prep the Berries: Wash and rinse your chosen assortment of fresh berries. Slice larger berries like strawberries for even blending.
  2. Blend with Apple Juice: In a high-speed blender, combine the berries with 2 oz of cold-pressed apple juice. Blend until you achieve a smooth, vibrant mixture.
  3. Add a Citrus Twist: Squeeze a dash of lemon juice into the blender for a tangy twist that enhances the berry flavors. Blend briefly to incorporate.
  4. Chill and Serve: Fill your glass with ice cubes, then pour the berry blend over the ice. The coldness will amplify the refreshment factor.
  5. Garnish and Enjoy: For an extra touch of visual appeal, garnish your Berry Burst cocktail with a fresh berry or lemon twist. Take a moment to appreciate your creation before savoring every sip.

4.Tropical Paradise:


Combine these exquisite ingredients to craft a Tropical Paradise cold-pressed juice cocktail:

  • Pineapple: Select ripe and juicy pineapple slices, bursting with tropical sweetness.
  • Mango: Opt for succulent, ripe mangoes that bring a rich and luscious character to the mix.
  • Coconut Water: Embrace the natural hydration and subtle nuttiness of pure coconut water.
  • Passion Fruit: Add a touch of exotic tanginess with fresh passion fruit pulp or juice.
  • Lime: A squeeze of zesty lime juice adds a burst of citrusy delight to balance the sweetness.
  • Agave Syrup: Enhance the flavors with a drizzle of agave syrup for a touch of natural sweetness.
tropical paradise juice cocktail in glass


Crafting this delightful concoction is a breeze – just follow these steps:

  1. Preparation: Gather your ripe pineapple, succulent mangoes, pure coconut water, passion fruit, zesty lime, and agave syrup.
  2. Fruit Blend: In a high-quality blender, combine pineapple and mango chunks. Blend until smooth and velvety.
  3. Passion Fruit Addition: Add passion fruit pulp or juice to the blended mixture. Give it a quick pulse to incorporate.
  4. Citrus Zest: Squeeze the juice of a lime into the blend for a burst of tangy freshness. Mix gently.
  5. Sweet Touch: Drizzle a touch of agave syrup to enhance the cocktail’s natural sweetness. Blend again briefly.
  6. Chill: Pour the vibrant mixture into a chilled glass. Let the flavors meld and chill the cocktail for a few minutes.
  7. Savor the Paradise: Take a sip and let the tropical symphony of flavors transport you to a paradise of relaxation.
  8. Garnish (Optional): For a finishing touch, adorn your Tropical Paradise cocktail with a small umbrella or a slice of pineapple.

5.Zen Garden:


To craft this serene masterpiece, gather the following ingredients:

  • Cucumber: Select a fresh cucumber to bring a soothing and hydrating base to your cocktail.
  • Green Apple: Choose a crisp green apple for a touch of natural sweetness and a burst of revitalizing flavor.
  • Spinach Leaves: Opt for tender spinach leaves to infuse your cocktail with a dose of nourishing greens.
  • Mint Leaves: Handpick fresh mint leaves to create a refreshing aroma and a cool, invigorating taste.
  • Lemon: Squeeze the juice of a lemon for a zesty tang that complements the other flavors perfectly.
  • Ginger: Grate a small amount of ginger to add a subtle warmth and depth to the cocktail.
  • Celery Stalk: Include a celery stalk for its crisp texture and mild, earthy notes.
  • Coconut Water: Add a splash of pure coconut water to enhance hydration and elevate the overall experience.
Zen garden juice cocktail in glass


Follow these simple steps to create a refreshing cold pressed juice cocktail:

  1. Prepare the Ingredients: Gather a fresh cucumber, a green apple, spinach leaves, mint leaves, a lemon, ginger, a celery stalk, and a splash of coconut water. These natural elements will form the foundation of your Zen Garden cocktail.
  2. Wash and Chop: Thoroughly wash all the ingredients, ensuring their cleanliness. Chop the cucumber, green apple, and celery stalk into manageable pieces.
  3. Blend and Extract: Place the chopped ingredients, along with the spinach leaves and a small amount of grated ginger, into a cold-press juicer. Slowly extract the vibrant juices, preserving their nutrients and flavors.
  4. Squeeze the Lemon: Extract the juice from the lemon and add it to the concoction, infusing the cocktail with a zesty tang.
  5. Add Mint and Coconut Water: Introduce fresh mint leaves to the blend, creating a refreshing aroma. Finally, pour a splash of coconut water for enhanced hydration and a subtle tropical essence.
  6. Mix and Serve: Gently mix the extracted juice with a spoon, ensuring all the flavors meld together. Pour the Zen Garden cocktail into a glass filled with ice, and garnish with a sprig of mint or a thin cucumber slice.
  7. Sip and Relax: With each sip, allow the harmonious combination of ingredients to transport you to a state of calm and relaxation. Feel the refreshing taste of cucumber, the invigorating notes of apple, and the soothing hints of mint and coconut water.

The Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice Cocktails:

Here’s why you should embrace the benefits of these flavorful concoctions:

  • Nutrient-Rich Delight: Cold pressed juice cocktails offer a burst of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. With ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and herbs, you’re treating your body to a wholesome nutrient boost.
  • Hydration with Flair: Enjoy a refreshing way to stay hydrated. The natural liquids in these cocktails, like coconut water and cucumber juice, hydrate your body while satisfying your taste buds.
  • Vibrant Flavors: Experience the vivid flavors of real ingredients. Each sip carries the essence of fresh produce, creating a delightful fusion of tastes that invigorate your palate.
  • Creative Blends: Cold-pressed cocktails invite creativity. Mix and match ingredients to craft your unique concoctions, tailored to your preferences and nutritional goals.
  • Revitalize Your Skin: The abundance of vitamins in cold-pressed juices supports skin health, leaving you with a radiant complexion that reflects your inner vitality.
  • Natural Energy Boost: Skip the artificial stimulants – these cocktails provide a natural energy lift without the crash, thanks to the nutrients that power your body.
  • Cleansing and Detox: Ingredients like ginger and lemon aid digestion and promote detoxification, helping your body rid itself of impurities.
  • Wellness in Every Sip: Cold-pressed juice cocktails are more than just drinks – they’re a wellness ritual that nurtures your body and refreshes your spirit.

Are there any drawbacks to drinking cold pressed juice?

While cold-pressed juice offers an array of benefits, it’s essential to consider potential drawbacks. Here are some aspects to be mindful of before indulging in this trendy beverage:

  • Food Waste: The cold-pressing process yields less juice compared to other methods, leading to higher raw pulp waste. This may contribute to environmental concerns if not properly managed or repurposed.
  • High Sugar Content: Although cold-pressed juices typically lack added sugars, the natural sugars in fruits can still be concentrated. Opt for blends with a balance of fruits and vegetables to moderate your sugar intake.
  • Tooth Enamel Damage: Due to the fruit’s fructose content, consistent consumption may impact tooth enamel. It’s advisable to rinse your mouth with water after enjoying your juice.
  • Pasteurization: Some commercial cold-pressed juices may skip pasteurization to preserve freshness. While this maintains nutrients, it could pose risks for sensitive individuals. Pregnant women and those with vulnerabilities should opt for pasteurized options.
  • Higher Cost: Cold-pressed juices are often associated with higher quality and thus come at a premium price point. Be prepared to invest more for these nutrient-packed beverages.


In the world of beverages, cold-pressed juices have emerged as a vibrant and healthful option. The process of extracting juice through hydraulic pressing retains vital nutrients, offering a potent concoction bursting with flavor and benefits. These vibrant elixirs are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, bolstering immunity and overall well-being. However, understanding the nuances is crucial for a balanced approach.

While cold-pressed juices provide an array of advantages, including improved digestion, radiant skin, and detoxification, they do come with some considerations. Being conscious of potential drawbacks like sugar content, tooth enamel concerns, and pasteurization can help guide your choices. By opting for a mix of fruits and vegetables, enjoying in moderation, and selecting pasteurized options when needed, you can savor the goodness without compromising your health. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and incorporating cold-pressed juice mindfully can be a delightful addition to your wellness journey.


What is the best way to drink cold pressed juice?

To make the most of your cold-pressed juice experience, follow these expert tips. First, enjoy it on an empty stomach in the morning to boost nutrient absorption. Sip slowly, allowing your taste buds to savor each drop. For a well-rounded intake, opt for a blend of vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind that moderation is key due to the natural sugar content. To preserve the nutritional value, consume it soon after pressing or store it in an airtight container. By integrating cold-pressed juice mindfully into your routine, you can relish its healthful benefits to the fullest.

What is the difference between blending and cold-pressed juice?

Distinguishing between blending and cold-pressed juice is vital for your health-conscious choices. Blending retains fiber content and nutrients from whole ingredients, yielding a thicker texture. On the other hand, cold-pressed juice extracts liquid without fiber, delivering concentrated nutrients in a liquid form. Both methods have merits: blending offers a filling option while cold-pressed juice provides rapid nutrient absorption. Your choice should align with your preferences and health goals. Consider the unique benefits of each approach to make an informed decision that suits your lifestyle and wellness needs.

How far in advance can you make cold pressed juice?

Planning ahead is key when preparing cold-pressed juice. While it’s best to consume it immediately to capture maximum nutrients, you can extend freshness by storing it properly. Refrigeration at temperatures between 32°F to 39°F (0°C to 4°C) helps maintain quality for up to 72 hours. However, note that nutrient degradation might occur over time. For optimal benefits, make juice close to consumption and store it in airtight containers to limit exposure to air and light. Prioritize your health by balancing convenience with freshness.

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